Catherine and Andrew

Composer Andrew Rohn and writer Catherine Capellaro produced Walmartopia, their politico-musical comedy, in Madision, where it had two spectacular sold-out runs. The show won acclaim at the New York Fringe Festival and ultimately played off-Broadway at the Minetta Lane Theatre. Along with writing and producing musical comedies, they perfom as part of disco superstars VO5.

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“a hip Rodgers and Hammerstein.”
-Madison Magazine

Cheryl Freeman performs "What Kind of Mother?"

Customer reviews of Walmartopia at CD Baby:

"Brilliant, I Say... Brilliant!"

"Campy, caustic,
and comically irresistible

"Walmartopia is a unique treat, for the music, the message and
the madcap comedy."

Isthmus Magazine goes bowling with Catherine, Andrew and disco superstars VO5 in this video.


Dicso sensation VO5 live at the Wisconsin state capitol in support of workers' rights.

"A Brechtian invocation to get up and do something."

Walmartopia, the Musical, is the story of heroic single mom Vicki Latrell who stands up to her corporate employer and finds herself and her young daughter jettisoned to a future where Wal-Mart dominates the entire world (with the exception of Vermont) told through rousing song and dance. A hilarious look behind the smiley face of the postmodern workplace. YouTube Walmartopia sampler.

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Before Walmartopia there was Temp Slave, a rollicking musical tribute to America's low-wage workers, a satiric demolition of the myths of the modern economy.

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